Broker Partners in Nevada

The REALTOR must accompany and register the prospect on the prospect’s first visit to the sales information center.

In addition, the REALTOR must:
Be present at the signing of the purchase agreement.
Assist the purchaser with the loan application if an outside lender is used.
Assist in the timely closing of escrow.

The REALTOR is protected against a direct sale by this builder at this location for 30 days.
After 30 days the REALTOR-BUILDER agency relationship must be re-established in wiring by re-registering the prospect.

Any dispute arising among different Brokers due to these guidelines shall be resolved by the Brokers involved.
Prospect represents and warrants that prospect is not represented by any other broker or anyone else claiming a fee or commission of any sort whatsoever.  If any claims are made against Seller, other than for breach of this Agreement, by Broker or anyone else claiming a commission for representing Buyer with respect to the Property, Buyer shall indemnify and defend Seller from any and all such claims, liability or judgments, including costs and attorneys fees.

The Builder acknowledging this agreement has a single price policy.  The price is the same whether a home is sold directly by the Builder’s sales person or in conjunction with a cooperating Broker.
The selling Broker’s commission will be ______________________% of the base price plus lot premium less any buyer incentives.

Commission will be due if and only if escrow closes.  The Commission shall not be due if escrow fails to close for any reason whatsoever, including the willful default of the Seller or the Buyer.  Should Buyer fail to close and Seller retains Buyer’s deposit, no commission will be paid.

The Builder’s sales staff is prepared and trained to:
Show the prospect the product, answer all questions and communicate directly with the prospect as necessary.
Write the contract on the Builder’s forms, prepare change orders, discuss and facilitate financial programs and commitments.

Operate solely as Sellers agent.

William Lyon Homes accepts cooperating Brokers acting as Buyer’s agents only.  Builder accepts no responsibility for any representations made by said Broker or Brokers agent regarding Builder position, product, available options etc.